Nitrogen Reducing Septic Systems

Nitrogen Reducing Septic Systems Importance

Nitrogen pollution from cesspools and septic systems has been identified as the largest single cause of degraded water quality contributing to beach closures, restrictions on shellfishing, toxic algae blooms, and massive fish kills. A conventional onsite septic system was never designed to remove nitrogen. The average residential septic system discharges approximately 40 pounds of nitrogen per year. For homeowners close to surface waters in Suffolk County nitrogen can rapidly reach surface waters where it contributes to the degradation of our marshes, bays, and beaches. Even inland, nitrogen from septic systems will eventually reach the groundwater and surface waters.

Thousands of parcels are currently served by polluting cesspools and septic systems, but will never connect to a sewer system. Reversing the degradation of water quality will depend on the replacement of existing systems with new, individual Innovative and Alternative Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (I/A OWTS).

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Suffolk County: Reclaim Our Water:

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Town of East Hampton’s Website:

  • Septic System Upgrade Requirements
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Nitrogen Reducing Septic Systems