Benefits of Maintaining Your Commercial Septic System

If you manage your commercial septic system properly, it is not too expensive. A properly maintained large commercial septic tank can last up to forty years without the need for major repairs if there is proper maintenance done periodically. Depending on the location and required materials, the maintenance cost and the lifespan of a septic tank can vary. In a nutshell, it is much better to avoid future problems by taking preemptive action than it is to wait for a problem to spring up. When unchecked for long periods of time, a commercial septic system can drive away customers with foul smelling, overflowing wastewater. Here are some of the major benefits you get when you allow regular maintenance from Hamptons Septic Service.

Extends the Life of the Septic Tank

Regular maintenance of a commercial septic tank will likely see a significant rise in the life expectancy in the system due to the prevention of damage. For example, regularly pumping out excess water can prevent wastewater and other residue from backing up the pipes.

Saves Money on Emergency Repairs

Though we offer emergency septic services, routine maintenance of your septic system can avoid major issues. Of course, paying for maintenance for a working system might seem superfluous to some, but it will wind up saving you money in the long run since it prevents serious forms of damage from occurring that may otherwise require expensive repairs. With regular maintenance, it is unlikely that you will need to replace all of the pipes, fittings, and concrete at the same time.

Prevents Business Downtime

If you do not regularly maintain your commercial septic system, then you may be at risk of overflowing. An overflow of a septic system can cause damage to the property and may even force a closure until the issue is fixed. These periods of downtime can lead to a drop in production or income, which will cost you more money than fixing the septic system. Routine maintenance can ensure that all aspects of your septic system are up and running and in good working order.

Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Septic System

Commercial septic systems work similarly to residential septic tanks, since they are a hygienic way of containing organic, human waste and facilitate its decomposition. The wastewater from a commercial septic system will flow into a drain field, where bacteria will further digest the organic impurities before the water is absorbed by the soil or gravel that is surrounding the septic tank.

Volume capacity is the biggest difference between a residential and commercial septic system. So, if you have a large commercial building or a store, then you need to install a larger water pump system in order to handle larger volumes.

Understanding how this septic system works is important, but our team of septic professionals can help you with it. Knowing which valves to open or close when there is a plumbing emergency is key, because then you can at least salvage a smaller problem from becoming a larger one.

The most important tip is to schedule a maintenance inspection of the commercial septic system at least once a year. By doing so, you will be helping to prevent problems such as overflows to clogged drain fields.

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